Multifamily Residential Contractors Build Apartments & Townhomes in Boise, ID

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Apartment Construction in Boise, Idaho
At Phoenix Commercial Construction we are proud to be a subsidiary of Shannon Robnett Industries (SRI) as commercial general contractors in Boise, Idaho. This affiliation, as well as our 25+ years of experience in commercial building construction in the Treasure Valley, makes us an exceptional provider of commercial construction services for you.

Why Multifamily Dwellings for Commercial Real Estate Property?

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When handled correctly, why are multifamily residential properties like new apartment complexes and townhomes such successful real estate investments?

Basic math. More tenants on less land equals a greater return on investment (ROI). As long as you keep the building occupied, that is. A property management company like our partners Executive Management Services (EMS) is skilled at keeping your rentals occupied. Tenants and landlords both have interests in cost-effective, attractive, well-built apartment units and townhouses. 

Simple construction. There is something to be said for the efficiency of a repeatable pattern in investing. If you've found a townhouse layout that tenants seem to prefer, expanding to more buildings of the same design decreases overall costs.

Options for Quick Returns. Especially in the Boise real estate market, apartments and townhomes are being leased and purchased by investors at an astonishing rate. Phoenix Commercial Construction has an efficient building process that allows a quick transition of new buildings to buyers, so you see faster profits.

Apartment Complexes in Your Real Estate Investment Portfolio
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Phoenix Commercial Construction takes commercial construction projects for many purposes and on many scales. (See our Services page and our Gallery for details.)
When we talk about scaling an individual investment from what you may have imagined (maybe a single doctor considering a single rental home) into what it may become (a multi-building apartment complex), we know what we're talking about and we know how to keep the process as simple as possible for our clients.

Providing quality and honest construction management for those
looking to run their business while we help them expand theirs.

If you've considered apartment or townhome construction as a possible investment, Phoenix Commercial Construction is ready with reliable experts to help. We're here to listen to your plans, provide educated options, and carry out the construction plan on budget and on schedule for your next commercial property development.  When you’re ready to take the next steps on a new project, call 208-505-4300
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